Monday, August 07, 2006

Pictured above - Echeveria a soft succelunt surrounded by assortment of "Hens & Chicks" ( sempervivum) Engraved in to the stone is a American Indian symbol of "eternity" with a iron oxide inlay. This planter can be both a indoor or outdoor planter. Winter hardy to 30F ~
recommend to bring indoors at temperatures 30F and under. Enjoy indoors during colder months in a sunny to bright location. Light requirements: High / Water requirements: Low

The picture to the right shows a Sago Palm nestled at the base is a Calcareum with two Rose Queens on each side.
Note: Living Bird Houses in the back.

By most standards this was a beefy planter, ( above center ) weighing in at about 110 pounds.

This planter has a natural cradle in the top center of the stone. A large Rose Queen on the upper right ridge, left side a flowering mum. Centered with a Elfin Thyme cascading over the front face.

On the lower left face a Heuffelii ~Giuseppi Spiny


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